I see a time when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. —Crazy Horse


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
Henry David Thoreau, Walden



in a Spirit of Philanthropy

The Innermost House Foundation is a philanthropic organization inspired by the "voluntary associations" so much admired by early observers of the American experiment, where private individuals organized the conversation of civic life together to raise the level of cultural opportunity available to all.

Our living foundations consist in the friends who voluntarily give their time, counsel, resources and example to the "dream too wild" of an American idealism renewed at its roots. Through them, we stand on foundations as deep as history and as wide as the world. We are a conversation of friends, dedicated to a living ideal. 




Mr. John Gillis
Co-Founder and Principal
Vision Systems

Mr. Edmond Krafchow
Chairman and Principal

Ms. Melinda Levin
Professor of Documentary Media
University of North Texas

Mr. Michael Lorence
Founder and Principal
Chief Executive Counsel

Mr. Sean Skelley
Past President
Best Buy International

Mr. Robert Wolf
Chief Executive Officer
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate


Mr. John Gillis
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Michael Lorence

Mr. Bradley Clayton

Mr. Mark Lorence



Vision Systems




Mr. William Barker
Thomas Jefferson Scholar
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Dr. Phyllis Cole
Professor Emerita of English
Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Thomas Constantinesco
Professor of English
University of Paris

Ms. Kirsten Dirksen
Founder, Principal and Producer
Fair Companies Videos

Ms. Joanna Clyde Findlay
Art Psychotherapist
Professor of Psychology

Dr. Charles Fracchia
Founder & President Emeritus
San Francisco Historical Society

Mr. Michael Frederick
Executive Director
Thoreau Society

Mr. Kent Griswold
Founder and Principal
Tiny House Blog Publications

Dr. Robert Gross
Professor Emeritus of American History
University of Connecticut

Mr. Allen Harding
Director & Patron
Thoreau Society

Mr. Greg Heinemann
Venture Philanthropist
Titus Oates LLC

Ms. Diana Lorence
Curator, Writer and Speaker
Innermost House Foundation

Dr. Nikita Pokrovsky
Chair of General Sociology
HSE University, Moscow

Mr. Shax Riegler
Executive Editor
Architectural Digest Magazine

Ms. Zahraa Saiyed
Architect and Engineer
City of San Francisco

Dr. David E. Shi
President Emeritus
Furman University

Dr. John Stauffer
Professor of African American Studies
Harvard University

Mr. Robert Stephens
Founder & Principal
Geek Squad

Dr. William Swagerty
Professor of History and Director
John Muir Center

Mr. Hamza Syed
Computer Systems Specialist
Public Relations Consultant

Dr. Roger Thompson
Professor and Program Chair
Ralph Waldo Emerson Society

Br. George Van Grieken
President Emeritus
St. Josephs International

Dr. Robert C. Wilburn
Chief Executive Officer
Medal of Honor Museum Foundation

Mr. Robert Yagid
Editor in Chief
Fine Homebuilding Magazine


Mr. Anthony Dutra
Chief Executive Officer
Dutra Land

Mr. Maurice Lombardo
Mr. Thomas Taylor

Taylor Lombardo Architects

Mr. Clint Wilson
President and Principal
Tribeca Properites





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